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Monthly RentAddressFloorTypeInterior (ft²)Balcony (ft²)AvailableDetails
$2,900619 Moberly Road3rd2 Bedroom / 1 Bath86555September 1, 2024

Current and Upcoming Apartments For Rent

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In the table above you will find a list of the currently available and upcoming apartments for rent. In most cases, we receive notices to vacate one month in advance and post apartments for rent immediately. This means we usually post new listings at the end of the month in the month prior to being available. For example, apartments available for an October 1st move in date will normally be posted for rent near the end of August.

If you are looking for an apartment two or more months in advance, check back here regularly, or subscribe below to receive email notifications of new vacancies. Occasionally we receive early or late notices, so it is best to be proactive and keep in touch. Likewise, we cannot guarantee or predict the availability of a specific apartment type (e.g., studio, one, two, or three bedroom), building location (619, 627, 651, or 655 Moberly Road), or any other variables (e.g., floor, layout, view, etc.).

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Sample Pictures and Floor Plans

Studio Apartments

Studio apartments range from 425 to 615 square feet. All include a full kitchen, full bathroom, and a patio or balcony.

655 floor plan (studio- 202, 303)
655 floor plan (studio- 202, 303)
655 floor plan - Studio (403)
627 floor plan - Studio (503, 603)
627 floor plan - Studio (304)
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1 Bedroom Apartments

One bedroom apartments range from 590 to 745 square feet. Some contain a dishwasher.

651-655 floor plan - 1 Bed (105, 107, 212, 215, 312, 315, 411)
651-655 floor plan - 1 Bed (206, 213, 313, 504)
627 floor plan - 1 Bed (108)
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2 Bedroom Apartments

Two bedroom apartments range from 755 to 1,000 square feet. All contain a dishwasher.

619-floor-plan-2-Bed-(209, 211, 311)
619-floor-plan-2-Bed-(209, 211, 311)
651 floor plan - 2 Bed (410)
655 floor plan - 2 Bed (310)
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3 Bedroom Apartments

Three bedroom apartments range from 960 to 1,480 square feet. All contain a dishwasher. Some have in suite laundry or hook ups for in suite laundry.

619 floor plan - 3 Bed (102,202)
619 floor plan - 3 Bed (112)
619 floor plan - 3 Bed (106)
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Deluxe Suites

There are a number of deluxe suites at Moberly Apartments. These range in type from one to three bedrooms. They contain features such as in suite laundry, upgraded appliances and finishes, (e.g., stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, custom flooring), multiple bathrooms, increased living space, large outdoor spaces, and some of the best views around.

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